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Handicap 1.75 Bet Explained: Understanding How to Play a 1.75 Handicap Bet Like a Pro

The 1.75 handicap bet is often considered complex and challenging to win. Determining the outcome and payout ratio is more intricate compared to straightforward bets like a 2-goal handicap or a half-goal handicap like 1.5. However, with thorough understanding, you'll find that each betting type has its rules, and winning becomes achievable with careful study of the betting process.

What Does a 1.75 Handicap Mean?

A 1.75 handicap bet is a type of Asian handicap where the favored team gives a 1.75 goal handicap to the underdog. The winning margin is determined by the difference of two goals, with the odds of 1.75 designed to ascertain the potential payout or loss.

Common Notations: 1.5 – 2, 1.5/2

Understanding the concept of a 1.75 handicap may initially seem daunting compared to other betting types. However, as mentioned, each betting method has its logic, and you can still emerge victorious if you grasp the intricacies of this type of bet.

Typically, the 1.75 handicap is offered in matches between teams with significant differences in skill level. This handicap is rarely offered in the first half unless it's a match between two teams with a clear gap in skill, making it a favorable situation for one side (For example: Thailand vs. Cambodia, matches between Premier League table-toppers and teams from the lower divisions, etc.).

These insights, combined with soccer betting tips , can offer valuable guidance to improve your betting strategy and boost your chances of success.

Explaining the 1.75 Handicap Bet

To understand how to play a 1.75 handicap bet, you need to know when you win and when you lose money. What's interesting about this bet is the concept of winning half and losing half. First, I'll explain the scenarios of winning the bet, then I'll discuss how to calculate the winnings:

If the favored team wins by a margin of 3 goals or more, the bet on the favored team wins in full, while the bet on the underdog loses in full.

If the favored team wins by exactly 2 goals, the bet on the favored team wins half, and the bet on the underdog loses half.

If the underdog team wins by 1 goal or the match ends in a draw, the bet on the favored team loses in full, while the bet on the underdog team wins in full.

Here's how to calculate the winnings to ensure transparency and determine if the bookmaker provides fair odds:

Full Win: Bet Amount x Odds

Half Win: Bet Amount x Odds / 2

Full Loss: Bet Amount

Half Loss: Bet Amount / 2

Example to Understand the 1.75 Handicap Bet

Merely discussing the concept might confuse you and make it hard to visualize. Therefore, I've compiled three examples for each scenario to help you understand how to play this 1.5 – 2 handicap bet. Please note that the matches used as examples haven't taken place at the time of writing. The information is solely for explaining the bet and not for match analysis or prediction.

1/ Understanding the 1.75 Handicap in the match between Viktoria Plzen vs. Barcelona In the match between Viktoria Plzen and Barcelona, Barcelona is the favored team. The handicap is set at 1.75 with a relatively high payout ratio.

Suppose the match ends with a score of 1 – 4 in favor of Barcelona, and you placed a bet of 1,000K before the match:

Betting on Viktoria Plzen results in a full loss of 1,000K.

Betting on Barcelona results in a full win of 1,000 x 1.01 = 1,010K.

2/ Example of the 1.75 Handicap Bet in the match between Inter Milan vs. Sampdoria Let's take the match between Inter Milan and Sampdoria as an example, with Inter Milan being the favored team. Suppose the match ends with Inter Milan winning 2 – 0. You placed a bet of 1,000K before the match:

Betting on Inter Milan to win results in a half win of 1,000K x 0.96 / 2 = 480K.

Betting on Sampdoria results in a half loss of 1,000K / 2 = 500K.

Understanding the 1.75 Handicap Bet and integrating free prediction can notably enhance your betting strategy. By examining past performances, current form, and team rankings, alongside expert insights, you can make more informed decisions when placing bets. This fusion of comprehending handicaps and utilizing free prediction enhances your success chances in sports betting.

3/ Understanding the 1.75 Handicap Bet through the Liverpool vs Leeds United match

An example to grasp the scenario where the favorite loses the 1.5 – 2 handicap is the match between Liverpool and Leeds United.

Suppose you wagered 1,000K on this match, and the final score is Liverpool 2 – 1 Leeds United.


Bet on Liverpool, lose 1,000K

Place a bet on Leeds United, win 1,000 x 0.93 = 930K

Experience in playing the 1.75 Handicap Bet

Placing bets for the 1.5 – 2 handicap is not difficult if you understand the principles and master the techniques shared by experts. Therefore, take note of the following points:

In matches between the table leader and a mid-table team but with the handicap set at 1.5/2, it's advisable to bet on the underdog.

When two teams have unstable form, the favorite often wins narrowly, making it safer to bet on the underdog.

If the favored team has consistent form, prefers attacking play, and has a strong attacking line-up, you can consider betting on them.

If the gap between the two teams is insignificant but the bookmaker sets a large handicap, consider not betting as it's easy to fall into a trap.

If the teams have a history of previous encounters, check their win-loss ratio and the number of goals scored by both teams. Evaluate these along with their current form to make a sensible choice. If any team is in need of points for survival or to change their position on the league table, consider betting on them, even as the underdog. Their determination can lead to unexpected outcomes in the match.


The 1.75 Handicap Bet presents a nuanced betting scenario, requiring careful consideration of both potential outcomes. With insights into calculating winnings and assessing results, you can grasp the intricacies and make informed betting choices. Integrating premium soccer tips from Series Soccer Tips can elevate your comprehension and decision-making prowess when navigating such handicaps.


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