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La leggenda del Piave: A Patriotic Song of Italy

La leggenda del Piave, also known as La canzone del Piave, is a famous Italian patriotic song that commemorates the Battle of the Piave River in World War I, where the Italian army resisted the Austro-Hungarian offensive and secured a decisive victory. The song was composed by E. A. Mario in 1918 and became very popular among the Italian soldiers and civilians during the war. It was also used as a provisional national anthem of Italy after World War II, before the adoption of Il Canto degli Italiani in 1947.

The song praises the bravery and sacrifice of the Italian soldiers who fought and died on the banks of the Piave River, which is personified as a father who defended his children from the enemy. The song also expresses the hope and pride of a united and free Italy, which was achieved after the war with the annexation of Trentino, South Tyrol, Trieste, Istria, and Dalmatia. The song has a catchy and stirring melody, with a chorus that repeats the phrase "But it's not true that you're dead" (Ma non è morto), referring to the Piave River and the Italian nation.


The sheet music for La leggenda del Piave can be found online in various formats, such as PDF, MIDI, or Musescore. Some examples are:

  • [La leggenda del Piave Sheet music for Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Flute piccolo & more instruments (Concert Band)]

  • [Free La Leggenda Del Piave by E. A. Mario sheet music Download PDF or print on]

  • [LA LEGGENDA DEL PIAVE - MUSICA PER BANDE - Scarica gli spartiti]

La leggenda del Piave is still a beloved and respected song in Italy, especially on occasions such as the anniversary of the Battle of the Piave River (June 15), the National Unity and Armed Forces Day (November 4), or other patriotic events. It is a symbol of the Italian spirit and history, and a tribute to those who fought for their country.


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