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We are four experienced pediatric emergency room physicians excited to serve the children of Beeville and the surrounding areas. After working years in various emergency departments in the country, treating ill and injured children,  we believe the time is right for us to contribute to our community to bolster the need for primary care in children. We believe every child has the right to receive equitable and quality of care. From well child visits to vaccinations, sick visits and for minor cuts, bruises and broken bones, we will treat you and your children as our family. We are also going to provide televisits, should you decide to choose one. We have our onsite lab to test for Strep, Flu, Covid-19 and some basic blood work. Please go through the website, learn about our providers and let us know what we can do for you. We are here to answer any questions you may have. 

Thank you for trusting us with your children.


KidsCare Pediatrics Team

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As a pediatrician and an ER physician, I truly believe that many emergencies can be easily avoided by a good and constant patient's care at your local pediatrician office.
That is why at the Kids Care Pediatrics we value preventative care as well as treating you child sickness without any delay.
Same day appointment, being available on the phone after hours and during the weekends 24/7 to answer all your kids health concern, is your right as a patient of us.
Please come and visit our dedicated team with wonderful nurses and board certified pediatricians and let us take a good care of your child health needs.
We do accept all insurances including Medicaid and commercial

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Dr. Marita L. Rafael is a board certified pediatrician and subspecializes in Pediatric Emergency Medicine with 30 years of experience. After finishing fellowship, she worked as a general pediatrician for 3 1/2 years. She joined Driscoll Children’s Hospital Emergency Department in 1999.

She has also been affiliated with different office practices and hospitals and has worked part time in pediatric offices, Urgent Care centers and as a hospitalist.

She was the Department of Peds-Chair in Driscoll for 2 years 2019-2020 and served as the president of Nueces County Med Society in 2020. As a clinical faculty of Texas A&M University and UTRGV Medical Schools, she has been actively involved in the residency training and medical student education. She was a recipient of the 2018 YWCA’s Y Women in Careers Award and etc. She likes to assure anyone that receives her care by telling them, “I treat my patients as if (they were) my own family.”

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I have been a pediatric emergency room physician across many tertiary care children’s hospitals over the last two decades. I am board certified in both pediatrics and pediatric emergency medicine from American Board of Pediatrics. I have extensive experience in treating ill and injured children and provided training and education to many past and present pediatricians as well as pediatric subspecialists, emergency medicine and family physicians during their residency and fellowship training, who are currently practicing in various parts in the United States. In addition I have been involved in medical research and widely been published to advance our knowledge. I have served as a medical director in a pediatric emergency department. In addition to my academic medical education and training, I have successfully pursued a business degree in healthcare management from University of Texas, Dallas and a certification in medical quality from American College of Medical Quality. My passion is to provide the best access to care that every child deserves.

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I have been a pediatric emergency room physician across many children’s hospitals including Driscoll Children's Hospital, Edinburg children’s hospital, North Central Baptist Hospital at San Antonio, Sunrise children’s Hospital at Las Vegas and Dayton children’s Hospital at Ohio for the past 10 years. I am board certified in pediatrics from American Board of Pediatrics. I have extensive experience in treating ill and injured children and provided training and education to many pediatricians during their residency training.  
I graduated from medical school in china and became a board certified physician in internal medicine and infectious disease. I worked as postdoctoral researcher at UTSW medical center for a few years before I have clinical training at pediatric residency.  
I am excited to provide my knowledge and experience to children at Beeville community for the best care they deserve.

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Medical Office Administrator

Born and raised in Corpus Christi. Graduated from Foy H Moody High School. BA in Communications-Radio/TV/Audio Production with a double minor in Psych/Soc from TX A&M University-Kingsville. MBA in Healthcare Management from The University of Phoenix. Over 24yrs in the healthcare industry with 16yrs of management experience and 32yrs in the entertainment industry with marketing and public relations influence.

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