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Meaning of Matching Rings For Couples

Once you've decided which finger to wear the rings, you have to be aware of the size of your rings. It is possible to determine the size using the ring sizer. You can also go to your jeweler with a ring that fits well to determine the size of your ring and make a custom engagement ring.

When you wear your ring all day, you'll naturally pick the hand that feels most comfortable to you. Certain rings associated with milestones often correspond to an individual hand, based on your culture or the country that you live in. For example in most Western (Christian) countries it is traditional to wear your engagement ring on the left hand and then move it to the right at the wedding.

The wedding ring then comes on the left hand. However, many married women choose to wear the wedding rings and engagement rings together, on the left hand.

If you wish to wear a different ring in addition to your wedding ring and your engagement ring, you can choose to wear it on the same hand, or on the other. For instance an eternity ring can be worn on the same hand.

When the Chinese partner wears his/her wedding ring on the left side, it signifies that he/she is expecting to receive more than what she/he gave in marriage.

The two rings can be worn together with the rings of the partner who passed away to be worn behind the widow. The jeweler can also alter two rings to create a widow's band.

Have you found a gorgeous, original ring in our selection of diamond rings, and would you like to put it on another finger? Don't hesitate to ask BAUNAT experts for advice on a tailor-made ring. Your jewelry will be created by hand in our Antwerp workshop.

Are you interested in knowing how to wear your rings more effectively?

Now you know which fingers to wear your rings You'll probably want to know more about diamond rings to ensure you can make the right decision. Continue reading below.

You can design your own diamond rings

How do you select the perfect size (of an engagement ring)?

How do you find the most affordable diamond ring price?

How do you get rid of a ring that is stuck?

Frequently asked questions

Which hand should you wear the engagement ring?

In Western traditions the wedding ring and engagement ring are placed on the left ring finger. As an Christian you can wear the wedding engagement ring and ring on the left hand. In countries with Islamic tradition the hand where rings are worn differs from country to country. In Jordan Muslims wear their wedding ring on their right hand. In Iran, they prefer wearing the rings on their left hand.

How should you dress for an engagement ring and wedding ring?

In Western cultures the engagement ring is typically worn on the ring-finger of the left hand. It was believed that the "vein" of love was connected this finger to the heart. In some countries, during marriage, the engagement ring is moved to the middle finger of the left hand to allow for the wedding ring. In the United States most people wear both rings on the left hand. However certain people prefer to wear their wedding ring on their right finger that is the ring.

What is the ring size I should get? What is the right size ring for me?

There are a variety of methods to measure the size of your ring. For instance, you could determine the size of your existing ring, or determine the circumference of your finger by using a string wrapped around the finger and then measure it using a ruler. The measurement should be taken in the evening, but not after eating salty foods or hot drinks. The strenuous exercise you do can cause your finger to swell. Pregnancy can also cause swelling.


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